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History and Activities

We opened in Layton in order to serve the insurance needs of residents of and businesses in North-central Utah and areas on the borders of Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho.  It’s a great location and we’re proud to be here.  We’re family-owned and operated (brothers who are very close) and we carry on the tradition we have of conducting detailed, thorough consultations and providing fully-protective products and personalized services. 


What we offer

With decades of experience, each of us brings intimate knowledge of different types of insurance and varying exposures and risks to the table and as a result can develop the best solutions.  We also develop these solutions quickly and efficiently.  We have numerous personal and commercial insurance programs, each of which contains coverages that we tailor to the needs of individual clients.  Home, auto, life, and toys are among our personal programs and general business, through which we write many different kinds of policies, and farm are among our commercial programs.


Each of our programs contains coverages from different A-rated carriers, including Bear River Mutual, Nationwide, and MetLife.  These carriers add to the diversity and expansiveness of our coverage collection, which enables clients to customize their insurance plans.  We’re proud of this and we nurture the relationships we have with our carriers for this reason and others.  Like the relationships we have with our carriers, the relationships we have with clients are things we nurture.  This involves being available whenever we’re needed; we don’t close during lunch and can be reached outside of business hours if necessary.  It also involves answering the phone when we’re called; CSRs do not answer phones at our agency.  Nurturing relationships means answering questions, keeping coverage current, and managing risk and claims as well. 


Community Involvement

Insuring is the best thing we can do contribute to the communities we serve, but there is more we can do.  We sponsor and support individuals and organizations in our service areas that make these areas better places to live and work.  We coach children’s’ sports and play on local recreational sports teams ourselves.  We also attend the Layton Home Show and reach out to groups that improve our service communities socially and economically. 


Our efforts to contribute to our service areas are reflections of our ongoing commitment to being the best insurers we can be.  Another way that we are the best we can be is in our approach to work; this approach is wholesome, which means that we conduct thorough consultations with clients and in these consultations assess clients’ needs and goals.  Once consultations conclude we identify coverages that meet clients’ needs and goals.  With coverages identified, we develop plans that provide complete protection for the right price.  We make these and other efforts with attention to detail and consideration for clients’ individual communication styles.


Where we’re headed

We have a tradition of being thorough and delivering comprehensive products and personalized services.  This tradition continues and our efforts to help clients make the most of their coverages and to maximize the value of their insurance investments helps the tradition continue.


If you would like to know more or speak with an agent, please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote if finding out some of the details of a policy is something you’re interested in.


Our Location

Taylor & Walker Insurance Group

1992 W Antelope Dr Suite 110
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Main office: 801-773-7327
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